Social Media



 Social media is a powerful advertising tool for driver recruitment and client acquisition due to its wide reach and economical nature. With per-click advertising and targeted searching, digital advertising allows companies on a budget to generate user interest using the same tools as larger companies. Use of social media also solidifies a company’s brand identity. Over time, attracting the best, most reliable candidates using user-specific advertising and a strong sense of company culture can even improve driver retention, increasing your capacity to take on more business opportunities in the future. 



 From small trucking companies to large, an online presence is imperative in any industry. Expand your digital advertising scope and watch your business flourish with Access Advertising.  



 Using social media, we can quickly grow your client base at little cost to you. We work with you to identify your target users, then cyclically generate data and suggest new targets to maximize your returns.  

Time to Act

At Access Advertising, we have extensive experience

using social media to reach target audiences throughout

the United States. Rather than juggling several platforms

at once, in addition to managing their customers’

transportation needs, our clients rest easily knowing their advertising

needs are covered. Let us help you recruit highly-qualified

drivers and identify new business leads today.